Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I miss about my childhood

*This entry is dedicated to Brittany Ray who is joining me in Never Never Land.

Most of the people that I am close to know that I am a child at heart and never want to truly grow up. My childhood was awesome and I'm so grateful for it. I wish I could go back in time and have a week as a 9-year-old with no responsibilities. Unfortunately time machines haven't been invented yet so I'll have to settle on sharing my nostalgic memories with y'all.

First of all let me explain the relationship I have with Will. I feel like I have met my other half when it comes to childhood memories and our love/slight obsession with Disney World. We were supposed to go to the Braves game on Monday night but it had a rain delay. Instead of doing something fun and exciting in the city we came back to Alpharetta and settled in for a night of Monopoly and (drum roll please...) the Power Rangers Movie!    Yes, it was free on demand and it was so incredible. I'm not sure who I'm more ashamed of: me, for being a BIG fan of the Pink Ranger (I wanted to change my name to Kimberly) and never having seen the movie or Will, who knew so many details of the movie because he has seen it so many times. Either way, we're both super cool and everyone should be jealous. 

These are some of the things I miss most from my childhood:

1. MASH - Every girl knows what I'm talking about. MASH is the greatest way to not pay attention in class when you are a child of the '90's. I found a website where you can play it online so everyone needs to do it now! I put a bunch of fake stuff in the spots and dream places to live and this is what I got: I will marry Will (no joke, I could have gotten Alcide from True Blood or Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec and it picked my're so creative MASH). We are going to have 5 kids (I was hoping for 8 so I could get my own TV show). We are going to live in a shack in Statesboro, GA (Really MASH?? Why couldn't you pick the mansion in Thailand or Costa Rica?) At least I get to drive a navy blue Audi A5. Finally, I will be an accountant (that's for you Brittany). In conclusion, MASH is awesome and I will be doing it during my grad school classes. 

Maybe someone else will get to marry him :-)

2. The '90's had the best toys! Now I never understood the coolness of Furbies. They really annoyed me but I know many other people liked them. My obsessions during this great decade include Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Pogs (I collected them but don't even ask me how to play the game). Here is a site for everything 90's Best Toys Ever. I bought another Tamagotchi in high school after finding them at Target and killed it a couple times before I gave up. It is REALLY hard to keep them alive!

3. Nickelodeon - I loved Nick with all of my heart. Saturday nights were SNICK nights (please tell me yall remember SNICK) and my summers consisted of afternoon dates with Stick Stickly.

Nick had some great classics. Nothing can beat Salute Your Shorts, Doug, Hey Dude, and Are You Afraid of the Dark. One of the best investments I've ever made was the full collection of Are You Afraid of the Dark on DVD. It included all seasons and brought back so many memories. Yes, it is boot leg and the DVD covers are home-made stickers, but it still works and that is what's most important. Anybody wanna come over for a marathon, just let me know!

4. The clothes of the '90's is a whole other blog entry. We were very stylish back then. I can't wait for the styles to come back in 20-30 years. One piece of clothing I remember distinctly is a pair of Winnie the Pooh Overall Shorts. I lived in these...there's a pic below where I have them on too. I don't know if it was just us cool kids in the Midwest, but did anyone else only have their overall shorts/overalls strapped on one side?

I always did this and I can't tell you how many times that hanging strap fell into the toilet in elementary school. Embarrassing.
Now I could literally write so much more about what I miss from our childhood. I didn't even mention Saved by the Bell, WWJD bracelets, or Slap Bracelets. I need to end this entry soon and on a delicious note...

How much do you miss these??

Here's a quick look back at the only pictures I could find on Facebook in 5 minutes.
The beautiful Brittany Ray rocking a fashionable  turtleneck and Little Mermaid sweatshirt.

Love this!

Look at that plaid and flower combo

The infamous Pooh overall shorts...just ask Jessie Givens.

Now I wish I had better and more embarrassing pictures. 

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