Monday, August 22, 2011

A Fresh Start

First of all I said I would never let myself go more than 2 weeks without blogging and I already failed. I should have known... So much has happened since my last post and unfortunately I don't have access to pictures right now so my next one will be all pictures recapping my busy life. 

To start this off, one of my best friends from high school got married!!! On July 30th we went to the beautiful wedding of Mallory Koetzle and Matt Bodine. Will and I were babysitting that weekend for 2 adorable kids while their parents were out of town (my mom watched them while we went to the wedding), so sadly we couldn't party with the bridal party all night long. Sometimes responsibility isn't fun...actually that's most of the time. Mallory looked gorgeous and I'm so happy for her!! Four days after the wedding I went to visit Ali McCubbin in the amazing city of Washington D.C. This was my first time there and I LOVED IT! On the days she worked, I toured the city all by my lonesome and nearly killed myself with the amount of touristy spots I covered in 2 days. I don't think anyone would have been able to keep up with me, especially Will (he likes to go at a way different pace ha). I seriously went to every monument and memorial you can imagine, but I still have a lot of museums to go to, so I'll have to visit again soon! I was soooo happy to see McCubbs (or Alison as everyone there calls had to grow on me). We met Mike Isabella from Top Chef and ate at his yummy restaurant and I got to meet McCubb's boyfriend who is also known as "Boo". It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back with Will.

Adding to the craziness, the day after I got back from DC, I went to Athens to visit Will and help out with sorority recruitment. You think I would be sick of it after all these years, but no...I miss it and loved helping out. Garrett Croft, Sarah Vakili, and the amazing girls of Alpha Chi Omega did fantastic and they got over 70 awesome girls!!!! Wow, that was a lot of happy adjectives right there. I looooved being in Athens and can't wait to go back for the first home game against South Carolina :-) I know a lot of peoplev say they could not live there, but I could definitely call Athens my home in the future. So after holding many water trays, refilling pink lemonade glasses, lots of cooking with Will and hiking with the dogs, I returned home to pack up and move to Statesboro, GA. I thought I could fit everything in my Honda CR-V but I was sadly mistaken. I had to leave TIVO, my TV, more than half my clothes, and many other things at home. I miss TIVO the most, obviously. Statesboro has been great so far! My roommate is awesome and I really like the town and how close everything is. Everything is less than 5 miles from one another so it's very easy and quick to run errands. Ellie loves her new roommate/boyfriend/servant Jude. For those of you who don't know...he's my roommate's yellow lab. We've been busy exploring new parks and walking trails but I know she misses Baba Jules and
Papaw Jeff at home. 2 more weeks til we're back home!!! I miss my family so much and I hate how I'm missing Evan's junior and senior years in sports. Brycey Bear is growing up so fast and here I go again leaving and missing things. No me gusta. But all in all, I really like being here and starting a new 2 year life...who knows where I'll be after that!

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