Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day Jitters

So I've been thinking about starting a blog for over a month and I finally got over my laziness and hesitation and did it! Now that I'm a student/ballin' nanny, I have more time to dedicate to Pinterest and reading great time-killers blogs. I absolutely love reading a good blog (especially about decorating and DIY projects) and feeling inspired to hopefully get off the couch and start (AND FINISH) the project.

Now as I mentioned before my new obsession is pinterest. It is so amazing and a great way to procrastinate and lose sleep. I have been planning the decorations of 5 different houses I don't own, planning 25 weddings I'm not having, and organizing 100 recipes I probably won't cook, but it is still amazing. Please check out Pinterest when you get a chance :-)

The quick story behind the name of the blog obviously involves a rather large Hawaiian man and one of my favorite songs. I have been in love with this song since before high school. Will knows how excited I get when it comes on shuffle on the Ipod and because he makes fun of me so much, it magically comes up on his shuffle 7 times a day. He's one lucky guy. The song makes me happy and feel so at ease so naturally I thought it would be a good blog title. Maybe not the most creative one, but I like it. The first entry is coming to an end and I vow to return soon to write more. Hopefully I'll be getting some good entry ideas soon, I'll keep my fingers crossed all night.

adios amigos,

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